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5 Simple Marketing Tactics to Grow your Real Estate Business

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), over 90% of buyers begin their house hunting experience online. And why wouldn’t they when apps like Zillow and Redfin make it easy to browse, research, and find exactly what you want? If you’re an agent, the changes in how real estate is found, bought, and sold has forced you to tap your creativity in order to drum up new clients and beat your competition.

These days everyone, including buyers and sellers have “gone digital” and to thrive in real estate, agents have to go beyond rapport building face-to-face and meet clients online. Those agents who are “nailing it” are the same ones with rapidly growing real estate agencies. But with dozens of marketing tactics to deploy, have you ever wondered which ideas are the most helpful?

5 real estate marketing tactics worth trying:

1. Get social:

Yes, we mean social media especially participating in visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. To get the most bang for your buck, ensure you have social sharing and connecting buttons on your website and take the time to determine which platforms your potential clients use. Then dedicate time daily to post and interact on social.

Hint: Look to your competitors to determine the best platforms for your audience. Chances are if they’re engaging and using social media to build their business in your area, those platforms will work for you too.


2. Real estate is a visual business:

Forget location – location – location. Today’s real estate transactions are highly dependant on visual content. Buyers searching for their next home in an app and want top-notch photos that tell the visual story of the house, its layout, and the neighborhood.

Hint: Hire a pro who understands each home has a “wow-factor” that will entice buyers to visit and remember: each visitor needs a realtor in order to view a home. If a potential buyer isn’t working with an agent, they’ll most likely call you. Standout photography on your listings is one of the most important investments you can make.


3. Video virtual tours are a bonus:

Some listings have virtual tours but more often than not, they don’t. Providing virtual tours is not only a bonus for online buyers, it also provides content for you to post on social media.

Hint: unlike photography where you can easily move non-relevant items out of the frame before taking the shot, video is a bit more fickle. Have the seller completely prepare the house for showings before shooting the video.


4. Map meetings for better customer experience:

As a realtor you know that nothing is more important than providing great customer service. If you’re the listing agent wouldn’t it be nice if the sellers could see on a map when a buyer is viewing their home so they know when it’s safe to return or what if you could invite a roster of buyers to an open house via a mapping app? And if you’re a buyer’s agent, wouldn’t it be nice to share your mutual location information with clients when you’re meeting at a house?

Hint: The Gatha app is free and will help you bring the convenience of secure geolocation mapping to your clients.


5. Business cards that stand out:

With nearly 90% of purchasing decisions made at an unconscious level, it’s impossible to deny the importance of evoking positive feelings. Your business card is still an important marketing tactic and the fonts, colors, and layouts make a difference for your clients at an unconscious level.

Hint: Ask for feedback on your business card and if you’re not sure if it’s hitting the mark, consider hiring a graphic designer to help.

With over two million active licensed realtors in the United States, the need for marketing at an individual agent level is undeniable. The better you are at networking, customer service, and marketing the better chance you have of attracting buyers and sellers who will be happy to work with you! We hope these ideas help you build a thriving real estate practice!

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