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Gatha for Clubs & Organizations

Great for small groups or large, recurring or one-time only, public or private gatherings.
Clubs and Organizations Geofencing App

Share Location. Encourage Participation.
Eliminate Chaos.

Communicate, coordinate and keep everyone in the know.

Use Gatha to ensure that all your members and participants stay apprised of all the necessary details – even if those details change at the last minute. From weekly meetup groups to recurring monthly meetings, from periodic special events to annual recognition banquets. From team practices & games to theater rehearsals to field trips & excursions, from small groups to large, from public events to private, there’s no better way to communicate and coordinate it all – and do it for FREE!

  • School and community based athletic teams

  • Volunteer & social clubs

  • Committees, non-profit committees

  • Support groups

  • MOMS clubs

  • Church groups

  • Meetup groups

  • Social Advocacy groups

  • Recreation & Travel groups

  • Running/Hiking groups

  • Theater/Singing groups

  • Fan clubs

  • College life/student organization groups

  • Booster clubs

  • PTA/PTOs

Get Gatha for FREE

Gatha makes it easy for your club or organization to:


Create groups of any size, small or large
  • A few friends from your bowling league
  • 25 people playing fantasy football
  • 500 professionals at a meetup


Choose public or private settings

Keep things Private for smaller meetings and exclusive gatherings. Make things Public to inform and invite the community.


Plan recurring practices and meetings ahead of time

Meetings, practices and rehearsals can be organized in advance. Gatha lets you “Set it and Forget it”. (Don’t worry, we’ll remind everyone automatically!)


Send invitations and keep track of participants

Choose from your preselected groups and send the invitations with just a few taps.


Send Automatic reminders and notifications

Let us take care of reminding everyone when and where to show up. That leaves you free to attend to the important stuff.


Share via social media

Gatha helps you get the word out using the most popular social media platforms. Post on Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn.