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Make the most of your time with family & friends.

Family and Friends Geofencing App

Stay connected. Share safely.

Create private gatherings that only your friends or family can join. Or just tap ‘Meet Me Now’ for a quick get together with friends right here, right now. You’re all on the map – in a snap!

Gatha brings friends and families closer, maximizes your time together and makes sharing memories easier, faster & more convenient – and it’s FREE!

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Just a quick note to say I used Gatha with my family at Disneyland. We were able to meet up quickly, even though my parents sat on Main St, our teenagers ran off to Indiana Jones, while we took the younger kids to ToonTown. We didn’t have to worry about tracking each other down. It was great!

Jarred Gordon, Riverside, CA

“Hey, it’s like ‘Uber for friends’ – and it’s free!”

Traffic Enforcement Officer, San Francisco International Airport

I used Gatha with my family camping trip last weekend. We used it to see people converging on the campsite, we all watched John make a beer run, and best of all, when one of our members broke down on the side of the road, we were able to pick them up because of the map! #Lifesaver

Anna Casimir , Madison, WI

My wife and I kept track of our group of nine adults and kids at the Universal parks in Florida.  We could always tell when someone was waiting to get on a ride even when they put their phones in a locker to ride the Hulk coaster and weren’t able to talk or text. Picking a central spot for a group lunch was easy since we knew where everyone was and unlike on our last trip, we never accidentally went to the wrong Harry Potter area to try to find someone. For the late sleepers, they just met up with us once they left the hotel and located us right on the map.  We even used Gatha with our friend who picked us up at the airport when we headed home. Amazing, especially for a FREE app – thanks, Gatha!

Noel Schneider, Chandler, AZ