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Imagine being at a crowded amusement park or festival with your family or a large group of friends. Everyone is scattered about in small groups. Gathering everyone together in a single spot at the same time can be challenging and frustrating.

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With the Gatha app, at the touch of a button, you can send an alert for everyone to meet at a particular spot at a certain time – a Gatha’ring. The location instantly appears on a map on their smart phones – and, the location of each individual also appears on the map.

With one glance, you can know exactly where each person is and can track their progress towards arriving at the predetermined location in real-time (much like users of Lyft can track the arrival of their driver).


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Whether you’re meeting some friends for lunch, hosting a surprise party, or visiting customers around town, use Gatha to make sure you never sit around waiting and wondering where others are. Use that otherwise wasted time to catch up on emails, grab a cup of coffee, and set up your next Gatha’ring. You’ll maximize your time and eliminate the need for the “I’m running late” texts and phone calls. Just relax and let Gatha do the work!

Wouldn’t you rather Gatha?


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Whether you're the host with the most, or attending while friending, remember you can Gatha anytime anywhere!

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